Using the blockchain for building a trusted verification and attestation platform

We have designed the SPRING Protocol to promote trust among people and companies. Our goal was to design a protocol that is robust and easily scalable. Our belief that verification and attestation of professional claims should be an intuitive process, complemented by the fact that there was a clear industry requirement for an attestation system to authenticate the validity of a resume, has led us to build an attestation system powered by the use of public ledger and reputation scores.

How is SpringRole using the blockchain?

Attestation & verification

When a claim is made by a user about their work experience, educational qualifications or skill set, a verification system will ensure the information is genuine and this leads to an attestation of that information. Attestations can happen in one of the many ways-

  • An education institution can verify the user’s qualification and can approve the same. Once this is done the record is stored in the blockchain and is permanent. There is no need to re-verify this information in the future.
  • An employer can verify the user’s work experience and can approve the same. Once this is done the record can be stored in the blockchain and is permanent. There is no need to re-verify this information in the future.
  • An online certificate received by the user can be approved by the course providing authority and once this is done the record is stored in the blockchain and is permanent. There is no need to re-verify this information in the future.
Soft Attestation

Soft attestation is where a claim made by a user is verified by other members of his or her network who were physically present with that user at some point. For example, if a user claims he worked with a company ‘X’, his colleagues can soft attest that claim.

Hard Attestation

Hard attestations are verifications done by entities for claims made by the user. For example, a degree can be verified by a college directly.

Use cases

Use case 1: Alice wants to be endorsed by Bob in Java
Use case 2: Alice wants to endorse Bob in java
Use case 3: Alice wants her educational qualifications verified by her university

It is time consuming for hiring managers to verify candidate degrees. On the Spring network, universities would be able to attest their students’ degrees, which is written to the blockchain. Hiring managers on our platform can bypass the hassle of verifying themselves and instead they can now access our platform to check if the candidate actually graduated from the said institution and course. They can also add information such as course grades and GPA to enhance system details.

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Use case 4: The validator

The validator (can be a person attesting a skill, university attesting a degree, company attesting an employment) gets a fraction of the tokens based on the ratio of their reputation.

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Be an attestor
Who is an attestor?

In the Spring attestation system, attestors will be a subset of users who will validate the veracity of various claims. Here are some of the classes of attestors:


All individuals on the attestation platform play the role of attestor in the sense that they can endorse other members on the system for a specific skill set. Certain individuals like professors can also attest projects that their students have worked on.

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Companies may add attestations of a previous employee’s work experience, title or designation, period of employment, skills and other relevant information.

Examination provider

Third-party services can offer exams and attest to the outcomes. In some cases, the course provider could also act as an examination partner

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Universities can add attestations to show that a member has studied at that university and relevant degrees obtained. Universities can also attest to the duration and nature of the course that the student completed, and even confirm specific courses and transcripts.

Course provider

MOOC [CS3] platforms like Udacity and Coursera can attest that a member has completed a certain course on their platform.

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SpringRole Partnership Ecosystem

By being a protocol, SpringRole has the advantage to build a robust partner ecosystem to help benefit all users, both SpringRole’s and its partners’. It is easy for us to integrate partner solutions on to the SPRING platform. We have carefully planned our partnerships and will continue to do so. We have put the users first and we partner only with companies whose users will truly benefit from our solution.