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Any claims about a user's work experience are attested by the concerned companies. Details like duration and job title are written directly to the blockchain.


Each educational qualification is verified by the concerned University and attested on the blockchain. Additional information like grades and specialization are optional.


A User's skill proficiency is crowdsourced by weighted endorsements that are given by people in the User's network and by any reputed online courses or certifications they complete.

We seek to live in a world where the information that we read online is trustable - even if we are unable to personally verify it. SpringRole is the platform that furthers that vision by focusing on having verified professional profiles online.

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how it works

When you sign up on SpringRole, you import or add your profile to the platform. This generally includes your work experience, educational experience and your skill sets. Each of these claims once listed on the platform are verified by the concerned people or organizations.

For work experience and educational qualifications, the universities and companies concerned verify details and attest the claim with the protocol on the blockchain. This is a one time verification and can be used whenever needed.

On SpringRole, your skill reputation is crowdsourced and depends on the people who endorse you on your skill sets. Skill endorsements are weighted according to the skill level of the person endorsing you and endorsements need to be accepted by the sender and the receiver before it counts.

Whenever people in your network earn rewards on SpringRole, you also gain a percentage of it along with the other users and organizations who have attested for that person.

SpringRole and the Blockchain

Spring Token

Spring Token is an ERC-20 compliant token that SpringRole will use on the platform. SpringRole Token is the fuel that powers and drives the platform. Each action on the platform is linked to SPRING. SPRING can be gained / used for the following:

  • When anyone in a user's network earns on the platform, the user gets paid a percentage of their earnings in SPRING.
  • Referring a user or a company to the community rewards the users with tokens (referral bonus).
  • SPRING is used while endorsing a user's proficiency in a particular skill set.
  • If a company or an university attests a claim made by the user, they will earn SPRING when the profile of the user is requested for validation.

road map

Sept 2017

Whitepaper written and published in draft mode.

Oct 2017

Building of PoC to read and write attestations on the Blockchain.

Nov 2017

Building of beta platform and URL reservation feature.

Jan 2018

Launch of INVITE token and access to beta for public.

July 2018

Attestation framework goes live.

May 2018

Launch of SpringRole – create your entire professional profile.

March 2018

Endorse users on other skills.

Feb 2018

Ability to add skills, and edit basic profile on beta.

Aug 2018

Endorsement based scoring of profiles.

Oct 2018

Directory listing and Graph search.

Dec 2018

Developer API beta.

Dec 2018

Announcement about future roadmap


10M+ new jobs filled per year.

Average of 3-10 days verification process.

The average cost of a new hire gone wrong is around $240,000.

Time wasted in revalidating claims that were previously verified.

Efficacy of the current interview process is questionable.

Average interview process is 22.9 days, double of the 12.6 days in 2010.

Cost incurred due to a bad hire is around 30% of first-year salary.

As much as 80% of employee attrition is due to bad hiring decisions.


of all job applications contain inaccurate information.


of jobs come from referrals and rely on a candidate's reputation in their network.

SpringRole Team

Kartik Mandaville


Senior Technical Advisor at Science-Inc, Handstand, Lenny and Burst.

Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with Masters from the Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science.

Founded AutoBudder in 2010 - reached out to 4 million people at its peak.

A Kairos Global Fellow 2012.

Vinay Agarwal

Head of Engineering

Part of Mammoth Media as Technical lead of Wishbone.

Backend Engineer for startups like Urban Remedy and Elle.

Graduated from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India.

Chief Technical Officer of Let Me Know.

Shivhari Shankar

Product Manager

Product Architect at Guru-G Learning Labs, an ed-tech startup based in Bangalore.

Founded job search aggregator -

Software Engineer at Cisco Systems worked on Video Surviellence.

Under-graduation in Computer Science from MIT, Manipal, India.

Anshaj Goel

Software Developer

Active member and contributor at Stanford Scholar Initiative.

Hands behind SpringRole’s Resume-Parser. Extensively worked on Natural Language Processing using Machine Learning.

Under-graduation in Computer Science from Manipal University, Jaipur, India.

Laksh Goel

Blockchain Developer

Worked as full stack javascript developer at CronJ.

Worked on Wipro's Autonomous Vehicle as an an intern.

Under-graduation in computer Science at MIT, Manipal, India.

Hank Hwang

Software Architect

Masters from Carnegie Mellon and Undergrad from Duke University.

Serves as Senior Software Engineer at Hulu and built key services for the Hulu live product.

Architect of the audience management system for the cloud DVR feature of Hulu live.

Bhargavi Venkatagiri


Worked for Cable & Wireless(Vodafone), Yodlee, BNP Paribas, Ernst & Young, and Wipro clients.

Well versed in Recruitment strategies, Client interactions, Team handling.

Sivananda Reddy

Finance executive

Worked in the areas of Auditing, Taxation, and Accounting across the industries.

Pursing Chartered Accountancy at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Vijay Kumar

Frontend Developer

Worked as UI/UX Developer at Floret Media Pvt.Ltd

Graduated from SDA Lowry Memorial College, Bengaluru University

Mayank Sehgal

Software Engineering Intern

Pursuing final year computer science at MIT Manipal, interested in data science, visual media, and marketing.

Blogger, musician and YouTuber.

George Mammen Jacob

Software Engineering Intern

ML and crypto enthusiast.

Pursuing final semester computers and communication at MIT, Manipal

Mrinal Mathur

Software Engineering Intern

Well-rounded, data-obsessed developer with experience in AI and Deep Learning.

Pursuing last semester computers and communication at MIT, Manipal.

Aditi Malladi

Software Engineering Intern

Enthusiastic learner in the field of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Final semester at Manipal Institute of Technology, pursuing Computers and Communication Engineering.


Mike Jones Business

Mike is an internet executive, investor and strategic advisor and CEO of Science, Inc. He is Los Angeles’s most active angel investor with more than $2.5B in exits. His exits in 2016 alone included Science portfolio companies HelloSociety (acquired by New York Times), FameBit (acquired by Google) and Dollar Shave Club (acquired by Unilever).

He started his first company in college, and he was previously the CEO of Userplane , Tsavo, PBJ, MySpace, Myspace Japan, and FIM.


Alex WatersTech

Alex Waters has held roles on the Bitcoin core development open source project and has founded several startups since, including, a payments company, Coin Apex, one of the very first digital currency and blockchain research organizations, and most recently Elm Labs, a tech advisory and consultancy to the space.


Rick MariniProduct

Rick is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of operating and investing experience in the consumer technology space. Rick founded and successfully sold 3 companies (Tickle, BranchOut and

Rick is the Managing Partner of Protocol Ventures. Protocol is the first fund of funds focused on crypto assets. Protocol invests in the top 10 crypto hedge funds to provide investors with diversification across various crypto assets and complimentary fund strategies through a single LP investment.


Greg GilmanLegal

Greg Gilman, founder of Science Blockchain. He is also a co-founder and general counsel at Science Inc.

He’s the co-founder and executive chairman of RxVantage. Greg has participated in early round investments in dozens of companies including Maker, Klout, Scopely, Dollar Shave Club, and ZipRecruiter.

Greg formerly served as a professor of law and director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Law at Pepperdine University School of Law.


Jeremy CaiIndustry

Jeremy is the founder and COO of Fountain, a leading mid-market and enterprise hiring automation platform.

Fountain processes over 5,000,000 applications across more than 50 countries.

Participating in Y-Combinator, Jeremy has gone on to raise over $11MM.

He is also a past recipient of the Thiel Fellowship and an angel investor.


Jesse ProudmanTech

Jesse Proudman is launching a crypto currency business in Q1'2018. Prior, he was a Distinguished Engineer at IBM focused on Blockchain technology and Crypto Currencies.

He is a lifelong serial entrepreneur who raised more than $22M for Blue Box before the successful exit to IBM and is an active angel investor having invested in more than 30 startups. Jesse serves as a mentor and board member for the Beurk Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington.


Jason MortonResearch

Jason Morton's involvement​ with​ cryptocurrency​ began​ in 2011, and he advises a growing number of companies, decentralized organizations, and investors on the space.

Jason worked for Credit Suisse in Mergers and Acquisitions and Technology Investment Banking, seeded hedge funds and managed a $50M endowment. He advises a global compliance management firm serving asset managers in applied mathematics, statistics, quantitative modeling, and regulatory compliance technology. Jason's academic appointments include tenure in Mathematics and Statistics at Pennsylvania State University and visiting scholar appointments in Computer Science at Harvard University and in Mathematics at Stanford University.


Swaroop HegdeTech

Swaroop is a serial entrepreneur currently working on a startup in the blockchain space. He also contracts with Evensi, an event discovery platform. Prior to this, Swaroop co-founded an eSports company, Dotaprohub which was acquired by Unikrn.

His company, Atticous, was one of the 10 companies funded by the top B2B accelerator, Tech Wildcatters. He co-founded Racked Hosting, which he ran for over 10 years ago.


Nitin SharmaBusiness

Nitin is an experienced US-India tech investor and a leading voice in India's blockchain ecosystem. He has been a founding principal at Lightbox (a $200M VC fund), and is an active angel in 10 startups, as well as a founder of Incrypt, a new blockchain venture.

Earlier, Nitin was a VC in the US at NEA, the world’s largest venture fund, and part of the early management team at EverFi, one of the largest education tech platforms globally. A Wharton graduate, he also serves on the India Advisory Boards for the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.


Mingyang SongStrategy

Mingyang graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science. He co-founded SpringRole with Kartik in 2014 and now served as advisor to bridge Chinese crypto community users and investors.

Besides SpringRole, Mingyang is Head (GM) of Global Product Innovation at Meitu (1357.HK). During the time, he built a 25-people team across 4 counties and has deep understanding on the pain points of talent and recruiting industry. He also has much experience in building and growing consumer products in photo, video and social. Mingyang general manages 2 products for Meitu with over 100M downloads and 20M MAU over the world.


Andy TongStrategy

Andy Tong is a serial entrepreneur known for his success as Founder and CEO of top online game portal MMOABC. Andy’s role as Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at SyncFab involves influencing, maintaining, and fostering relationships with strategic partners which led to a very successful token sale with over $15M raised.

In addition, he is an angel investor in biotech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, eCommerce, education, gaming, hardware, mobile apps, monetization platforms, real estate and virtual currency companies. On his free time, Andy regularly advises and mentors various startup companies.

Andy regularly donates to and sits on the Advisory Board for Senhoa Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization represented by Coco Rocha that combats human trafficking and exploitation.


Science Advisors





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